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An Optimal Strategy for Yahtzee, Loyola College Technical Report CS-TR-0002. This describes work started in 1999 and presented at various schools as my job talk (which was good enough to land me at Lafayette College and then Loyola College).

Independently, Tom Verhoeff solved the same problem (actually, I first solved Yahtzee with no bonuses and later worked on the complete game; he started with the complete game and in fact his results allowed me to uncover a bug in my Yahtzee bonus code). He has an excellent site with statistics and an online Yahtzee Proficiency Test, as well as a Scratch and Play book.

Phil Woodward later also solved solitaire Yahtzee and got "Yahtzee: The Solution" into Chance (v. 16 #1, pp. 18-22, 2003).

jar file for Yahtzee (password required)
jar file Combinatorics classes required for Yahtzee
jar file Generic genetic algorithms, an implementation of a straightforward but low-performing Yahtzee strategy., creates and tests a Yahtzee strategy based on a randomly generated array of expected scores in each category.
Game Theory talk for Senior Project
A Retrograde Approximation Algorithm for One-Player Can't Stop from CG2006.
Computer Strategies for Solitaire Yahtzee from CIG2007.
javadoc for Yahtzee classes